How to Install Jellyfin on Your Synology NAS

How to Install Jellyfin on Your Synology NAS

Jellyfin is a free Software Media System that puts you in control of managing and streaming your media. It is an alternative to the proprietary Emby and Plex, to provide media from a dedicated server to end-user devices via multiple apps. Jellyfin is descended from Emby’s 3.5.2 release and ported to the .NET Core framework to enable full cross-platform support. There are no strings attached, no premium licenses or features, and no hidden agendas: just a team who want to build something better and work together to achieve it. In this step by step guide I will show you how to install Jellyfin on your Synology NAS using Docker.

Note: This guide works perfectly with the latest Jellyfin 10.7.7 release.

  • STEP 1

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  • STEP 2

Install Docker via Synology “Package Center”.

Install Docker Synology DSM 7


  • STEP 3

Go to File Station and open the docker folder. Inside the docker folder, create a new folder and name it jellyfin. Follow the instructions in the images below.
Note: Be careful enter only lowercase, not uppercase letters.

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 1

  • STEP 4

Go to Control Panel / Task Scheduler / Create / Scheduled Task / User-defined script. Follow the instructions in the images below.

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 2

  • STEP 5

Once you click on User-defined script a new window will open. Follow the instructions below:

  1. General: In the Task field type in Install Jellyfin. Uncheck “Enabled” option. Select root User.
  2. Schedule: Select Run on the following date then select “Do not repeat“.
  3. Task Settings: Check “Send run details by email“, add your email then copy paste the code below in the Run command area. After that click OK.
docker run -d --name=jellyfin \
-p 8096:8096 \
-v /volume1/docker/jellyfin:/media \
--restart always \

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 3

  • STEP 6

After you click OK on STEP 5 a new warning pop up window will open. Click OK.

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 4

  • STEP 7

After you click OK on STEP 6, select your “Install Jellyfin” Task then click the “Run” tab. You will be asked to run Install Jellyfin – click Yes. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 5

  • STEP 8

Go back to STEP 1 or you will deal with karma 🙂

  • STEP 9

The installation process can take up to a few seconds/minutes. It will depend on your Internet speed connection. Now open your browser and type in http://Synology-ip-address:8096/ Follow the instructions in the image below. After you select the Preferred display language, click Next.

14 Jellyfin Synology NAS setup

Select your /media folder where your videos are saved.

Jellyfin Synology NAS Set up 6

  • STEP 10

Choose Username, Password and Confirm Password then click Next.

15 Jellyfin Synology NAS setup

  • STEP 11

Enjoy your Jellyfin! You can also use Jellyfin android app, browser etc.

16 Jellyfin Synology NAS setup

Note: If you want to run this container over an HTTPS check How to Run Docker Containers Over HTTPS.

Note: Find out how to update Jellyfin container with the latest image.
Note: Can I run Docker on my Synology NAS? See the supported models.
Note: If you experience permissions problems, just right mouse click on your folder where you have your videos stored. Click on Property, Permission tab, Create tab, user & group search for SYSTEM then add read / write to SYSTEM and click Done. Check Apply to this folder, sub-folders and files then click Save. Now try again: open your browser and type in http://Synology-ip-address:8096
Note: Most paid Plex features is free with Jellyfin.
Note: Jellyfin is Open Source.
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Note: How to Schedule Start & Stop For Docker Containers.

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