IP Block List

deny ip list
In this page, you can find a list of IPs that will occasionally try to log into your Synology via SSH. This blacklist has been carefully prepared by Marius Bogdan Lixandru over several years of investigations. Below, you will find instructions to implement the list and add it into your Synology NAS DSM or Synology router SRM device. This block list is completely compatible with all Synology NAS and Synology Routers like RT1900ac, RT2600ac, MR2200ac (follow the instructions below to add it on the router). The IP blacklist will be updated regularly. Remember, when you upload the file, upload it with the same name shown below: deny-ip-list this is the best and most effective Block IP List for your Synology NAS device. I will be reviewing the whole deny ip list every 1 month.

Latest update: 19.10.2020 Blocked 17814 malicious IP’s



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  • STEP 1

How to add IP Block List on your Synology NAS? Just go to Control Panel / Security / Account / Allow/Block List

synology ip block black list

  • STEP 2

Once you have clicked Allow/Block List button, go to Block List / Create / Import IP address list and insert the file you have downloaded from mariushosting (at the top of this page).

synology ip block list

  • STEP 3

After the list is imported, you will be able to see this:

upload deny ip list

Now everything should work like a charm. Your deny ip list is updated with the latest mariushosting definition.

upload ip block list final step

You can also import the list to your Synology Router RT1900ac, RT2600ac, MR2200ac. The sequence is Network Center > Security > Auto Block > Allow/Block List (Follow the instructions in the image below).

router ip block list

Image Credit: Paul Barrett

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