Synology: How to Update Docker Image

Synology How to Update Docker Image

Without a doubt, after installing several images on your Synology NAS using the Docker package, you are wondering how to update your containers quickly and easily. If you have installed Pi-Hole, AdGuard, Splunk or the UniFi Controller by following the guides in this blog, you may need updates for your containers. Read on and find out how to update your image/container.

  • STEP 1

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  • STEP 2

Open the Docker package and download the new latest image from the Registry tab, for example Pi-Hole, AdGuard etc.

  • STEP 3

When the download is complete, go to the Container tab and stop the container you are updating.

  • STEP 4

Next, select the container and, using the Action drop-down menu, select Clear (Container tab). The container will be removed from the list and recreated using the image you downloaded in STEP 2.

  • STEP 5

Start the new container. Once it loads, it is ready for use.

Note: If your configs are stored on your Synology NAS, they will be recognized, and the container should run as designated.
Note: You can also use Watchtower to update your Docker images/containers.

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