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About Me


Marius Bogdan Lixandru is a highly experienced author from Romania with a background in biology, chemistry and computer programming. Born in 1984, he has always expressed interest in technology. Beyond technology and biology, he has a passion for agriculture, the science and beauty of which have encouraged him to start his own vegetable garden and plant dozens of fruit-bearing trees with fragrant and succulent, sweet and sour fruits. When he’s not losing nights uncovering the deepest hidden secrets of the latest tech devices, he’s likely enjoying a refreshing slice of juicy, honey-sweet watermelon, sluggishly lying on the grass in his orchard, sitting in the shade under the trees he himself has planted. Torpid summer days accompanied by cicada sounds and greeted by his smiling wife and happy, tail-wagging presence of his two mioritic shepherd dogs are some of the simpler pleasures in life that help him recharge his batteries to take on the latest tech challenges. Support My Work & Feel free to contact me. Read from where it all started.