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Many people I have met and even those close to me have said: Your site sucks, “let it go”, it’s a waste of time.

Help me prove them wrong with your Support. This website doesn’t have ADS, COOKIE or any TRACKING CODE on it. I don’t sell anything on this blog. It is difficult to carry out a project without your support. I have a lot of expenses and I don’t have a stable job. Thank you to the contributors below who helped me keeping this blog alive. Contact me if you have any questions.


πŸ’œ Clive Dalzell


πŸ’› Kevin Skoblenick
πŸ’› Erich Funke


πŸ’š Bart van de Griendt
πŸ’š Maurizio Zilli
πŸ’š Eyal Gallico
πŸ’š Meridith Nimke
πŸ’š Pit Klein
πŸ’š Jose Ignacio Usoz
πŸ’š Chris Palmer


πŸ–€ Mr. Arambula
πŸ–€ Pehr Olof Sandberg
πŸ–€ Eric Goodrich
πŸ–€ Pit Klein
πŸ–€ M. Antonio Oliveira
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πŸ–€ Andrew Adam
πŸ–€ Jan van Erven
πŸ–€ Travis Augustine
πŸ–€ Brandon Walter
πŸ–€ Joseph Chapman
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πŸ–€ Peter Alan Mcmahon
πŸ–€ Matt Teal

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