Synology: Which NAS Supports Data Deduplication

Synology Which NAS Supports Data Deduplication

Did you know some NAS models support Data Deduplication? What is Data Deduplication? Data Deduplication allows you to store more data in less volume space and achieve better storage efficiency in virtualized environments. Data Deduplication is only supported on Synology SSD disks and Btrfs volumes. You need to create a storage pool consisting entirely of … Read more about Synology: Which NAS Supports Data Deduplication

Synology: Admin Account Security

Synology Admin Account Security

After installing the latest DSM version 6.2.4-25556 some users have complained about receiving an Admin Account Security DSM notification telling them the following: Admin Account Security: The default account “admin” is vulnerable to brute-force attacks, which may lead to ransomware attacks. Click here to create another administrator account, sign in with the new account, and … Read more about Synology: Admin Account Security