QNAP: TS-251+ NAS Review

QNAP TS-251+ NAS Review

Hello everyone!!! Marius here! For the first time since starting this blog I’m embarking on a new adventure with a brand that, in recent years, has made great strides in the world of Network Attached Storage. As a result of being one of the fiercest brands out there, with truly cutting-edge devices hardware-wise, I decided … Read more about QNAP: TS-251+ NAS Review

QNAP: QHora-301W Review

QNAP QHora-301W Review

QNAP’s QHora-301W router is the type of router any NAS fan would want in their environment – an Enterprise-level router! In this past hot summer week mariushosting has been using the QNAP QHora-301W router in its environment, a potent router equipped with 4 back 1G LAN ports and 2 10G ports. Where I live in … Read more about QNAP: QHora-301W Review

Reolink Cameras For The Synology DVA3221 NVR

Reolink Cameras For The Synology DVA3221 NVR

As I recently told you, the new Surveillance section has been launched on mariushosting. Today, for the first article in the series, I am talking about a brand whose surveillance cameras are fully compatible with Synology’s Surveillance Station application. Reolink has developed extremely interesting security cameras, one of which is the RLC-511WA which I will … Read more about Reolink Cameras For The Synology DVA3221 NVR