Best Docker Containers To Shorten URLs

Best Docker Containers To Shorten URLs

Shortened links promote more sharing as they are much easier to remember and replicate for others. You can easily selfhost various apps for this type of work on your Synology NAS. Users can also quickly type out the URL manually in situations like a presentation. Short URLs minimize the chances of errors and reduce the frustration of users.


Slash is a bookmarking and short link service that allows you to save and share links easily. It lets you store and categorize links, generate short URLs for easy sharing, search and filter your saved links, and access them from any device. Note: Install Slash on Your Synology NAS.


Discover the power of Snapp, your self-hostable URL shortening service. Effortlessly shorten links and, with Snapp’s self-hosting capability, you have complete control. Create concise, shareable links on your terms with Snapp’s user-friendly platform. Note: Install Snapp on Your Synology NAS.


Shlink is a self-hosted open source URL shortener which provides both a REST and a CLI interface to interact with it. Shlink comes with some features which are not usually available in other hosted and self-hosted services. Note: Install Shlink on Your Synology NAS.


Lynx is a self-hosted open source URL shortener with a simple UI. The thing I like most about Lynx is its speed and simplicity in adding links. Note: Install Lynx on Your Synology NAS.

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