Synology: Best Docker Container Tools For Your LAN

Synology Best Docker Container Tools For Your LAN

The advantages of a LAN are the same as those for any group of devices networked together. The devices can use a single Internet connection, share files with one another, print to shared printers, and be accessed and even controlled by one another. Below you can find a list of free LAN Tools that can be installed on your Synology NAS to help you manage your LAN network.


NetAlertX, formerly Pi.Alert, is an advanced Docker application that scans for devices connected to your WIFI/LAN and alerts you if new and unknown devices are found. The system continuously scans the network for new devices, new connections (re-connections), disconnections, “always connected” devices down, devices IP changes and Internet IP address changes. In this step by step guide I will show you how to install NetAlertX on your Synology NAS using Docker & Portainer. 🚀Note: At the beginning of April 2024, Pi.Alert changed its name to NetAlertX. Note: Install NetAlertX on Your Synology NAS.


UpSnap is a simple Wake on LAN app written with SvelteKit, Go, PocketBase and Nmap. Discover all devices on your Network by scanning it with just one click. You can easily set timed wake and shutdown events via cron. You also have the option to add custom ports to devices which will be pinged . Note: Install UpSnap on Your Synology NAS.


WatchYourLAN, or WYL for short, is a Lightweight network IP scanner with web GUI that can be personalized with different themes. WatchYourLAN looks like a good project with a lot of room to grow. Note: Install WatchYourLAN on Your Synology NAS.

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