Synology: DSM Dark Mode

Synology DSM Dark Mode

Dark mode is everywhere. All the major operating systems, Android, iPhone (iOS), Windows, and macOS, now offer dark themes, which default to light text on a black background. It looks really cool, doesn’t it? Dark mode is especially helpful for those viewing mobile computing device screens at night. The reduced brightness can reduce eye strain … Read more Synology: DSM Dark Mode

Synology: How to Change DSM/SRM Language

Synology How to Change DSM-SRM Language

It may seem easy to change the language of your Synology DSM (NAS) or SRM (router) operating system, but it can prove problematic. It’s easier said than done. Say you’ve just bought a second-hand Synology NAS or router. If the NAS already has the disks inside, and they weren’t formatted prior to the sale, then … Read more Synology: How to Change DSM/SRM Language