Best Docker Containers For RSS Feed Readers

Best Docker Containers For RSS Feed Readers

If you find a blog or site that is really interesting, how do you keep track of the new content without signing up to a thousand newsletters or entering a walled garden? You will need a free RSS Feed Reader. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a protocol that allows an RSS reader to talk to your favorite websites and get updates from them. Instead of visiting 10 or 20 sites to see what’s new, you view a single page with all the new content. Below you will find an awesome list of RSS Feed Readers that you can install for free on your Synology NAS.


FreshRSS is a free, self-hostable aggregator for RSS feeds. You can easily read your RSS feeds on your mobile without requiring any third-party application. With FreshRSS you can manage +100k articles without speed performance complaints. Your data is yours! Host your aggregator on your Synology NAS and do not depend on anyone.. Note: Install FreshRSS on Your Synology NAS.


Readeck is a simple web application that lets you save the precious readable content of web pages you like and want to keep forever. See it as a bookmark manager and a read later tool.. Note: Install Readeck on Your Synology NAS.


Huntly is a self-hosted information management tool, in simple terms, contains the following features: RSS subscription and reading, automatically saves the pages that have been viewed, then you can save them to read later, add to favorites or archives. There is also a special treatment for Twitter sites that automatically saves the requested tweet timeline, recording whether it has been viewed or not and, in Huntly, you can even revisit these tweets in a more convenient way. You can search by title, content, type, favorite method, and other parameters. You can connect to other services – currently GitHub is supported, so it’s also a Github stars management tool. Note: Install Huntly on Your Synology NAS.


CommaFeed is a free and open source feed reader which can be self hosted on a web server, like FreshRSS. It draws inspiration from Google Reader and is built using Dropwizard along with React/TypeScript. Note: Install CommaFeed on Your Synology NAS.


Miniflux is a minimalist feed reader. It’s simple, fast, lightweight and very easy to use. Miniflux is compiled statically without external dependencies, drop the binary on your server and you are done. Note: Install Miniflux on Your Synology NAS.


Shiori is a simple bookmarks manager written in the Go language. You can use it as a command line application or as a web application. This application is distributed as a single binary, which means it can be installed and used easily. Note: Install Shiori on Your Synology NAS.


Wallabag is a web application allowing you to save web pages for later reading. Click, save and read it when you want. It extracts content so that you won’t be distracted by pop-ups and ads. . Note: Install Wallabag on Your Synology NAS.

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