How to Speed Up WordPress on Synology NAS

How to Speed Up WordPress on Synology NAS

Recently I have seen many websites with wordpress hosting from home via Synology NAS. But what caught my attention was an incredible latency in opening pages and processing requests. This website is extremely fast and has got a 100% result with google page speed and 100% in the results on the google chrome lighthouse extension. The main rule is to have a Synology NAS that only does this: “Web Hosting“, nothing else. You can certainly use your NAS to upload photos and backup files, however, it’s best to use it either for backup or for video surveillance OR for web-hosting. If you want to use it for web hosting, buy another 2 bay Synology device that only does this and does it well. This solution may seem very expensive at first but I can assure you that, long-term, this solution is the most economical one.

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First of all, before doing web hosting from home, we have to start from the excellent hardware configuration of our synology.


1) Choose one of these two models DS218+ or DS718+ or DS720+ I recommend DS720+. (All models have 2bay).
2) Upgrade ram to 6GB for the DS218+ model or to 8GB for the DS718+ model or to 10GB for DS720+ model. The standard model comes with 2 GB of ram. Buy one 4 GB block for DS218+ and two 4GB blocks for DS718+ and one 8GB block for DS720+. The RAM model is as follows D3NS1866L-4G for DS718+. Below, in the video you can find the guide on how to change the RAM. Read full article Synology DS218+ and DS718+ RAM Upgrade. Read full article on DS720+ RAM upgrade.

3) Choose a good router. At the moment, the Synology router is the best. Choose Synology RT2600ac. Turn WiFi OFF. Your home hosting needs dedicated bandwidth, not shared with others mobile devices.
4) Link Aggregation or Multi Lan: Two Lan only for model DS718+ for Speed optimization and Communication. The DS218+ doesn’t have an option for link aggregation.
5) HDD or SSD ? You want to run a smooth hosting? Just get SSD! You will see the excellent speed of this disk in comparison to HDD, really fast on hosting environment. Take two Crucial MX500 256 GB or two Synology SAT5200 SSDs. You will never hear any type of noise, it reads and processes files extremely fast when visitors come to visit your website.
6) You will need a good UPS. I have bought an awesome UPS from Cyberpower – model: CP1500EPFCLCD. Why do you need an UPS? An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is primarily used to provide a backup power source to your computer and other devices plugged into it. If a computer is not receiving a consistent flow of electricity, damage such as database corruption can and often occurs. Read this important articles about UPS.

1) Choose EXT4 File System Volume
. Read the benefits and performance of EXT4 for running fast website.
2) Don’t Allow Checksum option. Create new shared folder Control Panel / Shared Folder. Leave the “Checksum” option blank.

checksum don't enable

3) Don’t Allow Memory Compression. Synology recommends to activate it, but in fact the system will be heavier. I did some A/B test. When the system restarts, you will notice an increase in performance. Read Synology: Should I Use Memory Compression?

no memory compression

4) Disable CPU hungry Services. You don’t need this services for web-hosting. You only need SFTP on port 22 to upload some files on your wordpress through FileZilla or other ftp program. After you uncheck this service, you will notice the cpu will run smoothly.

disable services

5) Disable HDD Hibernation (refer to this article.)

synology hdd ssd hibernation

deactivate hibernation synology hdd ssd

6) Install PHP 7.3 and the latest WebStation Package (refer to this article.)
7) Install HTTPS / SSL Let’s Encrypt Certificate and activate HTTP/2 option on WebStation / VirtualHost / Edit domain / Check HTTP / 2 (Read more How To Enable HTTP/2 on Synology Nas).
8) Download and Install the Latest WordPress Version.
9) Use a light theme like “GeneratePress”. You can download GeneratePress theme for free .
10) Download the free plugin named “Autoptimize” and set it up.

That’s all! Now you can run a smooth website from home, which is also fast and reliable.

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