Synology: Night Vision With Reolink Cameras

Synology Night Vision With Reolink Cameras

One of the features I love the most about the Reolink RLC-511WA series cameras I mentioned in my previous article is night vision. The RLC-511WA camera comes with an Infrared feature providing clear night vision up to a distance of 30 meters – the video quality even in the deep of night is excellent, really. To make you better understand what I’m referring to, I made a little video that you can view below.

IR Cut Filter

Auto Switching from day to night automatically. The IR shuts down automatically when daylight comes.

1 Reolink Camera Night Vision

It’s Nighttime But it Feels Like Daytime

Although it is late at night in Marius’ garden, everything is under control and, thanks to the infrared feature of the RLC-511WA, you can see everything that’s happening clearly.

5 Reolink Camera Night Vision

10 Meters High

This RLC-511WA camera is placed at a height of almost 10 meters; despite this height, a good half of the garden is visible clearly.

3 Reolink Camera Night Vision

Detailed Coverage of the Area at Night

The Reolink RLC-511WA has a video resolution of 2560×1920 (5 MP). The video quality at nighttime and the details coming through in the deep of night are just amazing.

2 Reolink Camera Night Vision

Lights in The Distance are Not an Issue

One of the biggest problems with many camcorders is the fact that street lights seen from a moderate distance can impair the quality of the recording at night. This is not the case with the RLC-511WA for which distance lights are not an issue.

4 Reolink Camera Night Vision

5-LED Spotlights

They turn on automatically at night thanks to the motion sensor. The recording immediately turns to color even if it is completely dark outside.

6 Reolink Camera Night Vision

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