Synology: Pi-hole Docker Version 2024.01.0

Synology Pi-hole Docker Version 2024.01.0

In January of 2024, the Pi-hole team released version 5.17.3 of their core product, Docker version 2024.01.0 being the latest version for Docker. You can install it for free on your Synology NAS using my handy guide. Pi-hole is a Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application which acts as a DNS sinkhole, and optionally a DHCP server, intended for use on a private network. Version 2024.01.0 solves various minor bugs and updates some dependencies.

📋Pi-Hole 2024.01.0 Changelog

🚀Install Pi-Hole 2024.01.0 On Your Synology NAS Using Docker

🚀Install Pi-Hole 2024.01.0 With Portainer

🔃How to Update Pi-hole to Version 2024.01.0

🔍How to Activate Dark Mode in Pi-hole 2024.01.0

🖥️Use Pi-Hole 2024.01.0 As DNS on Windows 11 and 10

Because Pi-hole blocks domains at the network level, it is able to block advertisements, such as banner advertisements on a webpage, but it can also block advertisements in unconventional locations, such as on Android, iOS and smart TVs. No one likes to feel like they’re just another part of some secret algorithm, another cog in the advertising wheel. This is why mariushosting doesn’t have ADS, COOKIES, POP-UPs, Amazon AFFILIATE LINKS or any TRACKING CODE on it. You are 100% safe when you visit mariushosting.

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