Synology NAS Can’t Connect to Package Center

Synology NAS Can't Connect to Package Center

When you opened Synology’s Package Center, did you happen to get this error message: “Connection failed. Please check your network and time settings.“? Most of the time the problem is attributable to issues on the Synology server. So, to see the status in real time you need to monitor the “Synology Service Status” page, but be careful: even if the page should be monitoring the situation in real time, it’s actually not real time. The incidents are reported by Synology itself after a few hours, if not days, after they happen. And I speak from personal experience when I say this.

Connection failed. Please check your network and time settings

If it doesn’t depend on Synology, can it depend on me? Yes, because some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) assign an automatic Primary and a Secondary DNS by default, and sometimes these DNSs can experience some connection errors which cause us to not be able to open some Internet addresses. Which is why you have to set up the CloudFlare DNS or the Google DNS on your Synology NAS, which you can do by following my step by step guides.

Note: If Synology Package Center is not accessible, other Synology web pages such as the community forum or the main website are also likely not accessible either. In some cases, access to support pages is also restricted.
Note: Sometimes the incidents on the Synology Service Status page are not even reported. For instance, the incident from the night of 23rd/24th June 2020 is not listed on their Incident History page. That night, when trying to access any Synology web page, the following message appeared on all of their web pages: “Be right back.” That time, their Package Center service was not functional either.

Synology be right back

Note: Try following my 5 solutions on how to solve the “Connection failed. Please check your network and time settings” Package Center error.

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