Synology: DSM 6.2.3 Release Date and Rumors

Synology DSM 6.2.3 Release Date and Rumors

A few months ago I talked about the new Synology DSM 7.0 operating system and I was almost sure of its release before Christmas, 2019, or early 2020. In the meantime, as specified in this article, I have already talked about DSM 6.2.3 I rolled up my sleeves and started asking Synology about DSM 6.2.3 and probable release date. This was the answer from Synology:

dsm 6.2.3 synology

So, before releasing DSM 7.0 Synology will release DSM 6.2.3 in the first quarter, Q1 of 2020 (January – March). Therefore, we will still have to wait for DSM 7.0 and a “certain” date does not exist today, 26 November 2019. Everything could be delayed so, stay tuned!

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