Synology: Advantages of Static IP

Synology Advantages of Static IP

A static IP address (also known as a fixed IP address) is simply a numerical address that never changes. A static IP is the one that the whole world sees, and every website or public-facing web-connected thing will have one. If you ask Google “What is my IP address?”, it’ll tell you what your public IP address is, as given to you by your ISP.

What is an ISP? An Internet Service Provider is an organization that provides services for accessing, using, or participating in the Internet.

I suggest you ask your ISP for a Static IP. This kind of IP will simplify your life if you are using a Synology NAS for Web Hosting, Video Surveillance (cameras), as an FTP server, Email Server (Synology Mail Plus server), Database Server etc. One of the main benefits of having a Static IP is you have a permanent server online without having to worry about updating your IP (because it’s not dynamic) and DNS, not to mention it doesn’t come with particular settings. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use a dynamic IP for your Synology NAS. You can. It’s just that there are more settings to configure. In today’s article I will show you the advantages of having a static IP over a dynamic IP for a Synology NAS device.

  • Reliable Connection: Since the ISP assigns a fixed IP to your network instead of a dynamic IP, this typically results in a more reliable connection. Through a dynamic host, your IP address changes which could lead to inconsistencies in your connection.
  • Geolocation Services: Services that need to establish a physical location are more accurate when you are consistently utilizing the same Internet protocol addresses.
  • Better DNS support: Static IP addresses are much easier to set up and manage with DNS servers.
  • Server: If you are hosting a web server, email server, or any other kind of server, having a static IP address makes it easier for customers to find you via DNS. Practically speaking that means it’s quicker for clients to get to your websites and services if they have a static IP address. For example mariushosting has a Static IP address.

Note: Higher cost. ISPs generally charge more for static IP addresses, particularly with consumer ISP plans. Business ISP plans often include static IP, at least as an option, but they are more expensive than end-user plans; be sure to ask if it costs extra.

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NoteContact me to report an ISP that offers Static IP in your country. I will update the article with the new information.

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