Synology: Which ISP Offers Static IP in Italy?

Synology Which ISP Offers Static IP in Italy

A static IP will simplify your life if you are using a Synology NAS for Web Hosting or for Video Surveillance (cameras). A Static IP will never change if you restart your router/modem. A dynamic IP will change everytime you restart your router/modem. With a static IP you can benefit from an online server without having to worry about updating your IP. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use a dynamic IP for your Synology NAS and web server. You can. It’s just that there are more settings to configure. In the article below I will tell you which ISPs currently offer a Static IP in Italy.


Fiber Download Speed: 1000MB
Fiber Upload Speed: 200MB
Static IP: Yes
Website: Fastweb
Note: Static IP at no additional cost only on request.

What are the benefits of a Static IP?

  • You can configure an FTP, email or web server like mariushosting.
  • You can build a virtual network – VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • You have remote access to your computer from any location, no hassle (office, college, terrace, pub etc.).
  • You can easily configure servers for online games or you can play in multi-player mode.
  • You can view images transmitted by a surveillance IP camera, regardless of location. You can create online video conferences quickly and securely.
  • You benefit from increased security online.

Note: Difference between Static IP and Dynamic IP
Note: Contact me to report an ISP that offers Static IP in Italy. I will update the article with the new information.

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