How To Install Synology DSM Version: 6.2.2-24922-4

How To Install Synology DSM Version 6.2.2-24922-4

Yesterday I happened to notice that Synology had released a very important update called DSM Version: 6.2.2-24922-4 Days ago, I had announced the release in this post. The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. This update will restart your Synology NAS. What’s New in DSM 6.2.2-24922-4 ?

  • Fixed the issue where the LED indicators on the drive slots of DS118, DS218, DS218play, DS418, DS418j, and RS819 might not work properly.
  • Fixed the issue where the certificate might not work properly when the renewal has failed.
  • Fixed the issue where manually renewed certificates may not be applied to certain services.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Net-SNMP (CVE-2018-18066).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Nginx (Synology-SA-19:33).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (Synology-SA-19:37).

I can confirm with certainty that the error SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE has been completely solved in DSM version 6.2.2-24922-4 All certificates can be renewed manually without any problems.

I decided to install the update manually by downloading it from the official Synology archive website. In this archive I found the update folder of November 1, 2019 right on the website, that is the latest package released 6.2.2-24922-4 See the screenshot below.

synology archive update 4

Open the folder 24922-4 and inside it, you will find the .PAT file. Follow the instructions in the image below. What is a .PAT file? It’s a system file extension used by DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operating system used for Synology NAS devices; it contains the files required to install or update the low-level operating system software that runs the device; it can be used from the DSM Control Panel by choosing “Update & Restore” and then the “DSM Update” option.

synology manually download dsm update 4

I was finally able to download the version for my Synology NAS DS718+ device from inside the folder. The package in question in my case is 44 MB and is called synology_apollolake_718+.pat Find in the list your device and download the appropriate .PAT file. Once I manually downloaded this package, I immediately uploaded it to my device. See the screenshot below. (Learn how to manually update your Synology Nas).

DSM Version 6.2.2-24922-4

system restart synology DSM Version 6.2.2-24922-4

The actual update began within a few seconds and lasted about 30 seconds, then my device was restarted.


Finally returning to my device’s Control Panel, I saw the DSM Version 6.2.2-24922-4 update was correctly installed.

synology DSM Version 6.2.2-24922-4 correctly installed

I hope this little guide will help you in the future so you too can download the latest manual updates without worrying about waiting for the automatic update. In some cases, the automatic update released by Synology can take weeks or months until it’s available.

This post was updated on Wednesday / November 6th, 2019 at 12:10 AM