TerraMaster: T6-423 NAS Review


Hello to all of you, loyal visitors! For today, your friend Marius has tested a new TerraMaster NAS model, more specifically, the 6-bay TerraMaster T6-423. As you well know, my blog is primarily focused on Synology products, but, every once in a while, I don’t mind taking a look at rival devices, especially when they are worth mentioning, as is the case with the T6-423. The TerraMaster T6-423 comes with an awesome N5095 CPU Intel Celeron Processor, with up to 2.90 GHz, and the option to upgrade the RAM to 32GB. You can upgrade the NAS RAM thanks to the 2 available slots. Currently, the T6-423 comes with 4GB of preinstalled RAM, with the option to upgrade up to 32GB. This being said, today I’m going to be examining the great TerraMaster T6-423 NAS in detail. The T6-423 is a high-performance storage solution that allows users to easily handle high-load assignments, and comes with multiple business-level backup solutions for ensuring data safety and integrity.

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🗒️TerraMaster T6-423 Technical Specifications

💡TerraMaster T6-423 RAM Upgrade

🚀TerraMaster T6-423 Intel® Celeron® N5095 CPU

💡TerraMaster T6-423 TOS 5.1 Operating System

What is TerraMaster? TerraMaster Technology is a Chinese company that specializes in computer software and network attached storage (NAS). One of the things I like about TerraMaster is its TOS operating system which boasts a stunning simplicity. The TerraMaster TOS operating system, currently at version 5.1, is similar to DSM. As I mentioned in my previous reviews of the TerraMaster F2-423, F4-223 and U4-423, the operating system is extremely user friendly and intuitive, easy to adapt, and suitable even for those who are new to NAS devices.

T6-423 Simple Package

The package for the TerraMaster T6-423 is well designed to resist damage from shocks, and the product inside packed carefully.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 1

Everything nicely settled in its place, the components being individually and carefully packaged. The two side guards provide great anti-shock protection for your T6-423 – in case of mishandling of the box, the NAS inside is secured and protected from damage.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 2

TerraMaster T6-423: First Impressions

Over the years, as technology grew, NAS devices have changed and have become top of the range. The leap in technology has made them into something we can no longer do without, and every household and every business now absolutely needs a NAS in their portfolio of resources. The 6-bay TerraMaster T6-423 is suitable for use with both HDDs and SSDs, depending on your disk preference and budget. Over the years, TerraMaster has aimed for a minimalist design that brings elegance into your workplace and home. One of the things I immediately noticed about the device is its professional design, supported by the elegant grey and black color combo. The NAS is very robust, but most importantly, it is well ventilated, a key aspect to look for in Network Attached Storage devices. Heat is not a problem at all as far as this NAS is concerned since it is impeccably built and its ventilation is high-performing.

In addition to the NAS box itself, in the package you will find the following: an AC Power Cord, screws for the HDDs and SSDs, one CAT 6 UTP cable, a quick installation guide for the NAS and a limited warranty document. In addition to these, there are two spare rubber feet in case you may happen to lose one. It would appear that every TerraMaster NAS box includes a screwdriver inside the package, and I think this is extremely useful and thoughtful!

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 3

Metal Case!

You will notice that the 6 bays where you insert the HDD or SSD disks are made of plastic (the black part) and metal (the grey part). Overall, the device is compact and robust.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 4

Easy Bay Removal

I made a little video showcasing how to remove a Bay (disk compartment) from the T6-423 TerraMaster NAS. As you can see, it’s a piece of cake!

Extensive Lateral Ventilation for Optimal Heat Dissipation

As I mentioned earlier, this NAS model is particularly well designed as it features extensive lateral ventilation for optimal heat dissipation. You can see in the picture below that there are large air vents on the side of the NAS – this is intended to prevent overheating which allows the device to always, and I mean always, preserve a constant temperature which allows for optimal workflow and helps increase the device lifespan.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 5

Closer look

Upon a closer look, you immediately notice that not only is the ventilation excellent, but the NAS itself is quite robust.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 6

Surprisingly Quiet while Well-Ventilated

As you can see in the picture below, the T6-423 enjoys excellent rear ventilation. Two large fans have been added at the back of the device to handle ventilation and temperature control, providing excellent health dissipation. Despite the rather large back fans, the NAS is surprisingly quiet.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 7

Higher Transmission Speed

The T6-423 is configured with two 2.5 GbE interfaces, supporting 2.5 GbE high-speed network bandwidth. 2x USB 3.1 Host Ports and an HDMI port make this NAS model a very good investment for your office.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 8

Inside View of the NAS Without the Bays

I removed all the bays from the T6-423 to take a better look inside it. Everything looks elegant and well-distributed.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 9

A Close-Up!

If you look closely inside the disk slots, you can see there is metal everywhere, and the design supports excellent heat dissipation which helps prolong disks lifespan. Metal protection separates the disks from the well-ventilated motherboard. If the metal case is disassembled, it is possible to upgrade the RAM from 4GB to 32GB with 2x 16GB RAM sticks.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 10

Is This It?

Yes, this is the TerraMaster T6-423 up and running in all its glory! Right now I have two SSD disks in RAID 1 put in. As you well know, your friend Marius is a big fan of SSDs and I run almost all of my tests with this more silent disk type.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 11

First Power On

After I inserted the disks, everything was up and running in a couple of minutes! To set up the TerraMaster T6-423, after you have inserted the disks, connect the power adapter, plug in the LAN cable, then click the ON button. Next, open your favorite browser and access the following address below to start the installation process.


TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 12

Upgraded 5.24 Kernel Brings Stronger Performance

The TOS 5.1 kernel has been upgraded from 4.19 to 5.24 Compared to its predecessor, TOS 5.1 optimizes the EXT4/Btrfs/NTFs file systems and the SMB3 file server, uses ext4/f2fs/ubifs file system encryption in API encryption, enables the Apple M1 SoC function under Linux, and adds support for the USB4 interface which greatly improves the performance and security of the file system.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 13

Everything at a glance

Monitor your system at all times! In the image below, you can see an icon called “App Center” which is the equivalent of Synology Package Center. Here you will find hundreds of free applications like Docker, Plex, Nextcloud, WordPress, Portainer, Transmission, qBittorrent and more to use on your device.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 14

Automatically Check and Download Updates

Keep your TOS up to date for optimal security and data protection.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 15

Your Files Always Protected!

There are so many Backup Options available in TOS for backing up your files and system configurations. The TerraMaster NAS, via its TOS operating system, provides you with countless backup options to fit your needs. Two new options, Duple Backup and Centralized Backup, have been recently added, expanding the range of backup options.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 16

Video Surveillance with TerraMaster

TerraMaster has its own proprietary package called Surveillance Manager. With Surveillance Manager, you can manage your video surveillance system straight from your NAS, without the need to purchase a separate NVR. This is an effective and budget-friendly strategy meant to cover a range of needs and budgets for both home users and businesses.

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 17

Plex At Full Speed

Installing Plex on the T6-423 was super easy. I installed Plex directly through the TerraMaster app center. In terms of speed, it is lightning-fast, and you can use hardware transcoding thanks to the Intel Celeron N5095 processor of the device. You can manually download the latest version of Plex directly from the Plex website. Select TerraMaster TOS 5 and get your popcorn ready!

TerraMaster T6-423 NAS Review 18

The TerraMaster T6-423 NAS is a great solution to consider should you wish to purchase a NAS for your home or office.

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