Synology: SAT5200 SSD vs Crucial MX500 SSD

Synology SAT5200 SSD vs Crucial MX500 SSD

Synology entered the SSD market with its SAT5200 Series SSD models, with prices almost three times those of its competition. Today, out of curiosity, I looked up the technical specifications of the reputed Crucial MX500 disks and I noticed that, not only were they about 2.5 times cheaper than the SAT5200 Synology SSD Series disks, but they also had more impressive technical specs.

I’ve already done an article on Synology: Best SSD For Your NAS and I think things are pretty clear: if we’re being honest, the Crucial disks are superior to Synology ones in terms of performance, and boast a competitive price. I’ve tried the Crucial disks myself and, after all the tests I ran, I can honestly say they offer excellent value for your money.

But if Synology is nice enough to send me as few of its SSD disks to test, they can contact me here. I would love to test their disks myself as I’m eager to see their potential. I’m actually convinced you can do great things with them! I also promise to tell all of my readers all about them. Maybe they’ll be inspired to get Synology SSDs for their Synology NAS.

Now to get back on track: below you have the Amazon prices for Crucial MX500 (500GB at 69.99$) and Synology SAT5200 (480GB at 179.99$).

Synology SSD vs Crucial SSD price
It is clear that Synology’s SSDs are more expensive compared to Crucial’s which raises the issue of affordability. Below you also have the technical specifications for the Crucial MX500 SSDs and the Synology SAT5200 Series so you can see for yourself which of the two offers more in terms of performance (hint: it’s Crucial). While I’m a hardcore fan of all that is Synology, and would get all of their products if I could, I do feel the choice is clear in this case.

The strength of Synology discs lies in their Endurance and Reliability, two aspects that beat all competition. Terabytes written is a measure of the endurance of a solid-state drive to write operations. Below is a list of specifications that show how the Synology discs top their competitors in this aspect:

As a conclusion, I feel I have a moral duty towards my readers to be unbiased and speak the truth. So here is the truth: if I had to choose between Crucial MX500 and the Synology SAT5200 Series, I would get Crucial. At the same time, thumbs up for Synology’s product and I’m sure the next disks they’ll roll out will be a contender for first place.

This post was updated on Thursday / June 18th, 2020 at 12:11 AM