Synology PHP 8.0 Release Date and Rumors

Synology PHP 8.0 Release Date and Rumors

PHP 8.0, the next major PHP release, is expected to be released to the general public on November 26th, 2020. So it’s time for us to dive into some of the most exciting additions and new features that will make PHP 8.0 faster and more reliable than PHP 7.4 – Actually, even if PHP 7.4 significantly boosts performance and improves code readability, PHP 8 will be the real milestone for PHP performance. So PHP 8 will be a game changer. The real incentive for upgrading your PHP 7.4 version to PHP 8.0 on your Synology NAS is the promise of a performance boost if you use WordPress or other web applications.

PHP 8 is set to become one of the most important PHP releases in the history of PHP and will bring along unprecedented challenges for legacy PHP codebases, like WordPress, to fix compatibility. WordPress developers are still working on making WP compatible with PHP 8 and are now recruiting testers.

As soon as PHP 8.0 is officially released, I will send “feature suggestions” for PHP 8.0 via the Synology official page. I strongly recommend my readers to send “Feature Suggestions” to Synology to speed up the process with PHP 8.0 after it’s released to the general public on November 26th, 2020.

Major Benefits of PHP 8.0 for Synology users

  • PHP 8.0 will be more secure than PHP 7.4 and other older versions.
  • PHP 8.0 will fix all major (known) PHP 7.x issues.
  • PHP 8.0 performance is superior to versions 7.3 and 7.4 and older versions.
  • PHP 8.0 will come up with major changes for WordPress sites and performance will definitely increase if you host your WordPress website on a Synology NAS.
  • Right now over 70% of websites worldwide are based on PHP. So support and performance will get better by the day.

Note: Current PHP version 7.4 which was released to the general public on the 28th of November 2019 will be supported till 2022. PHP 8.0 will be supported until 2024.
Note: Synology released PHP 7.4 on September 15, 2020. It is not unlikely that PHP 8.0 will be released by Synology in September 2021 in less than a year from now, along with the long-awaited DSM 7.0 operating system.
Note: Remember to follow this article because all the updates about Synology NAS and PHP 8.0 will be added to this post.

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