Synology: PHP 7.4 Is Out Today

Synology PHP 7.4 Released Today

Finally, the long-awaited PHP 7.4 was officially released by Synology today, September 15, 2020. You can download the new package directly from Synology Download Center. Select your NAS model and choose the PHP 7.4 package. PHP is an open source scripting language which aims to help web developers write dynamically generated web pages efficiently. This language is suitable for web development in that it can be easily embedded into HTML. Remember to also upgrade the Web Station package to make PHP 7.4 work properly.

Here you will find the official address of the PHP 7.4 release note.

The new PHP 7.4 includes the famous IMAGICK extension that has been missing from all previous PHP versions, which is very useful for WordPress and Joomla users.

Synology PHP 7.4 imagick support

With this release, Synology has proven to be up to date and that it listens to the requests received through its Feature Suggestion system. Both I and thousands of other Synology users had been asking insistently for the addition of the imagick extension for months, and finally, Synology kept its end of the bargain.

As you can see from the image below, starting earlier today, has been using the new PHP 7.4 version and everything seems to be working perfectly!

Synology PHP 7.4 wordpress

Note: PHP imagick extension is also implemented in the latest Synology PHP 7.3 package.
: Once you install the new PHP 7.4 remember to also install the new version of the Web Station package.
Note: For WordPress and Joomla users, remember to activate the imagick extension through Web Station / PHP Settings.
Note: PHP 7.4 is about 15% faster than PHP 7.3 which is wonderful news.
Note: PHP 7.4 Settings and Extensions for WordPress.
Note: Possible Bug: The zip extension was removed and replaced with the zlib extension. I have contacted Synology Support and the answer was the following: The behavior is already known to our developers (known issue) and will be fixed in a future version. PHP 7.4 does not include zip extension by default. Our developers working on porting it to PHP 7.4 in the future update. At the moment I have no estimated time when it will be released.

UPDATE 8.12.2020

New PHP 7.4 Version: 7.4.9-0005

  • Supports Oniguruma for the Multibyte String extension.
  • Supports the ZIP extension.

php 7.4 zip extension synology

Note: You can uninstall PHP 7.3 once PHP 7.4 is running on your DSM.

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