Synology Photos Version: 1.5.0-0489

Synology Photos Version 1.5.0-0489

On July 27, 2023, a new version of Synology Photos 1.5.0-0489 was released to the public. This was a long awaited version because, now, Synology Photos Supports automatically creating albums based on object recognition. Note: Object recognition is only supported on certain Synology NAS models. Synology Photos provides a series of smart and flexible features, allowing both photography lovers and home users to manage photos with ease. Since its debut with the first DSM 7 version, Synology Photos has made major strides, becoming a powerful tool for safeguarding your most cherished memories.

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🚀How to Activate Object Recognition in Synology Photos

What’s New in Synology Photos version 1.5.0-0489

  1. Supports automatically creating albums based on object recognition, enabling quick photo search using keywords.
  2. Supports viewing time and location information of photos in lightbox mode.
  3. Adjusted the label display in lightbox mode to be sorted alphabetically.

Bug fixed in Synology Photos version 1.5.0-0489

  1. Fixed an issue where object recognition could not perform properly after updating the package on models with the AMD CPU platform.
  2. Fixed an issue where invalid photo information might cause an error.
  3. Fixed an issue where the migration of facial recognition photos might be interrupted due to deleted or hidden faces.
  4. Fixed an issue where slideshow might pause when playing videos.
  5. Minor bug fixes.

Currently, Synology Photos remains one of the best tools for managing your photos and videos. If you need an alternative to Synology Photos, you can always check my article Best Synology Photos Alternative For Your NAS.

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