Synology NAS: System Booted Up From An Improper Shutdown


It’s likely you’ve noticed your Synology Nas was “off” at least once, apparently without a reason and definitely without you performing any manual action. What should you do in this case? Going to check the log center once the device is turned back on will give you confirmation of the following error message: “System booted up from an improper shutdown“. Many people complain about this error: “System booted up from an improper shutdown”. The most common reasons for this error are:

  • Lack of an UPS – Lost power for just a millisecond. Your device will shut down as a result. (Read: Why Do You Need an UPS)
  • UPS failure – Try to test your battery. Does the battery still work?
  • Atom C2538 AVR54 failure – A known Intel Atom processor problem. This problem impacts all Intel C2000 Series.

The most important question is what happens when you press the power button? Does it turn on? Or does it do nothing? If it turns on without a problem, the cause can be an UPS failure or a lack of UPS if you don’t have one. If your device doesn’t turn on, the most probable cause is an atom C2538 failure that happens in old 2015-2016 Synology models and you can ask for a new device thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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