Synology WordPress 6.2

Synology WordPress 6.2

On March 29, 2023, WordPress 6.2 was released to the public. The latest and greatest version of WordPress is WordPress 6.2 code name “Dolphy” and it’s in honor of Eric Allan Dolphy Jr. This version is available for “download” from and not in the Synology Package Center. So, if you want to download and install WordPress 6.2 on your Synology NAS, you have to follow my step by step guide on how to manually update a new version of WordPress in your Synology or use my Docker guide on How to Install WordPress on Your Synology NAS with Docker. I recommend everyone use the official version of WordPress on their NAS, or the Docker version.

WordPress 6.2 includes more than 292 enhancements and 394 bug fixes in the core. To see the full list of fixes, you can browse the 6.2 documentation page.

These bugs affect WordPress version 6.1.1 and all older versions since 3.7, so you’ll want to upgrade. WordPress 6.2 It is THE BEST version of WordPress to ever ship out. The next major release will be WordPress 6.3 which will be released to the general public at the beginning of August 2023.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the WordPress official version, WordPress Docker version or WordPress Synology Package, Contact me.
Note: mariushosting has been hosted from home on a Synology NAS device since January 92019.

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