Synology: Which RAM to Buy For DVA3221 NVR

Have you recently purchased a new DVA3221 Synology NVR or are you planning the purchase and you are undecided about what RAM memory to buy? This article comes to your aid. The types of memory you can buy for your DVA3221 Synology NVR device are the following:

compatible RAM upgrade for Synology DVA3221 NVR

DVA3221 =  Intel Atom C3538 supports 256GB of RAM synology recommends 32GB in the DVA3221 specs. Two D4ES01-4G is the original RAM model from Synology, already preinstalled on your DVA3221 NVR, but you can remove it to upgrade your RAM up to a maximum capacity of 32GB, and you can choose between the models below:

  • You can buy 2 Synology RAM modules 16GB DDR4 CL19 1.2v 2666MHz Product Code: D4ECSO-2666-16G
  • You can buy 2 Nemix RAM modules 16GB DDR4 CL19 1.2v 2666MHz Product Code: MSE21300-628
  • You can buy 2 Arch RAM modules 16GB DDR4 CL19 1.2v 2666MHz Product Code: SY16GB2666SOECr2b8-t001
  • You can buy 2 Samsung RAM modules 16GB DDR4 CL19 1.2v 2666MHz Product Code: M474A2K43BB1-CTD

Note: Two original RAM, which is the D4ES01-4G, is already preinstalled on your DVA3221 NVR so if you remove it, you have two free spots to upgrade your RAM memory.
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Note: Installing non-Synology memory modules may result in system instability or startup failures. Synology does not provide complete product warranty or technical support services if non-Synology memory modules are used for memory expansion. Visit the official Synology website for more information on memory upgrade limitations.
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