Synology: RackStation RS2423+​ Release Date and Specs

Synology RackStation RS2423+​ Release Date and Specs

A new product joins the ranks of Synology and of course mariushosting couldn’t pass on the opportunity to let you know about it. The RS2423+ comes with a powerful AMD Ryzen V1780B with a 4-core 3.35 (base) / 3.6 (turbo) GHz CPU Frequency. The default installed memory is only 8GB, and it’s expandable up to 32GB ECC Memory. There is support for M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs, but only with an M2D20 adapter card. RS2423+ has an integrated 10GbE LAN Port. This NAS is awesome and powerful, but its only flaw is that it only supports its own expensive Synology brand disks.

RS2423+ Official Website

RS2423+ Product Manual

RS2423+ Datasheet

RS2423+ Technical Specifications

RS2423+ HDD/SSD Compatibility

RS2423+ Official Synology Consultancy

Note: What is the difference between RS2423+ and RS2423RP+? The main difference between the two models is that the RS2423+ is a single fixed PSU model, while the RS2423RP+ is a dual power supply model. RP stands for dual power. PSU stands for Power supply unit.
Note: How much does the Synology RS2423+ cost? The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the new RS2423+ is $2,500 or 2500 EUR.
Note: When will the Synology RS2423+ become available? According to the official sources, Synology RS2423+ is now available through Synology’s solution partners and channel networks.
Note: What does RS stand for? RS means RackStation.
Note: How long is the warranty for the RS2423+? 3-year hardware warranty, extendable to 5 years with EW202 or Extended Warranty Plus.
Note: What it is I wish would be implemented on future RackStation? PCIe 4 Expansion instead of PCIe 3. PCIe 3 is already considered outdated.
Note: Can I run Docker on RS2423+? The RS2423+ is 100% suitable for Docker.

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