Synology PHP 7.3 Released Today

php 7.3.7 Synology release

Dear readers, I can’t hold back the emotion: Synology have kept their word. Remember my old post in which I asked Synology to update PHP 7.2 to the 7.3 version? Well, today, 20 August 2019, that request was fulfilled and, to my great pleasure, Synology showed genuine interest in its customers. Finally, starting today, we will be able to install PHP 7.3.7 with a manual download, as well as the new WebStation Version: 2.1.8-0148 that supports the new PHP 7.3

In a few days it will be possible to download the updates automatically from the Package Center, but if you are impatient like me, you can manually download the packages and install them. Starting today “20 August 2019” is running PHP 7.3

Thanks again Synology for proving once again you’re number 1. Below you can see a PHP graph speed comparison if you run WordPress.

PHP speed comparison

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