Synology: NAS SSD Lifespan Expectancy

Synology NAS SSD Lifespan Expectancy

When looking to buy SSD disks for your Synology NAS device, you are likely contemplating two major aspects: the disks price and compatibility. But disks life expectancy should drive your purchase choice just as much as the price and compatibility factors. Today, after nearly two years (approximately 17000 hours) of ongoing use, I come to you with some extremely interesting conclusions about the life expectancy of disks used on a Synology NAS device, and you might be left speechless. For nearly two years I’ve been using Synology SSD disks and Crucial SSDs on two of my NAS devices, with nearly identical patterns of use. Upon investigating the life expectancy of my disks, I’ve found that my Crucial MX500 250GB SSDs have reached 14% and 26% of their remaining lifespan expectancy. Vs the Crucial disks, my Synology SAT5200 480GB disks are both still at 99% lifespan, with the same number of active hours. Are you speechless or are you speechless right now?

Synology SAT5200 Review

But it was to be expected, right? The technical specifications are clear:

Crucial MX500 500GB – 180 TBW (Terabytes Written)
Synology SAT5200 480GB – 1145 TBW (Terabytes Written)

As can be seen from the screenshots below, Synology and its SSDs offer not only performance, but also durability beyond common commercial SSD disks standards. What we are dealing with here is professional use-SSDs for an Enterprise-level work environment vs commercial SSDs.


Synology NAS SSD Lifespan Expectancy Case Study 1

Synology SAT5200-480G

Synology NAS SSD Lifespan Expectancy Case Study 2

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