Synology: How To Report Security Vulnerabilities

Synology How To Report Security Vulnerabilities

Have you recently discovered a vulnerability affecting the DSM operating system of your Synology NAS device and want to notify Synology about it so they may take action and provide a timely fix? Well, starting today, you can do just that. If you yourself have discovered a potential security issue, or have become aware of one via third parties, a forum, a chat etc., you can report it to Synology so that they may take the necessary measures and provide a patch for its users. A community whose members look after each other is well on its way to becoming a strong community.

Where I can report security issues to Synology? Just send an email to

Note: Please note that this Synology e-mail address is used for monitoring potential product security issues. Synology won’t reply to incoming e-mail messages unless further information is required. Don’t use this email for technical support.

Synology Product Security Advisory

Note: You can access the link above and take a look at the Synology Product Security Advisory to keep track of all related news and fixed issues.
Note: Find out how to contact Synology

This post was updated on Wednesday / August 10th, 2022 at 9:52 PM