Synology: AdGuard VS Pi-Hole

Synology AdGuard VS Pi-Hole

Many people contacted me asking what the difference between AdGuard and Pi-Hole is and which one to use on their Synology NAS. As we well know, compared to AdGuard, Pi-Hole is very popular and is installed by millions of people on Synology devices. But this is not the case with AdGuard home. Personally, I prefer AdGuard over Pi-Hole, but this is a matter of personal taste. Below I go into detail with some differences between Pi-Hole and AdGuard.

  • AdGuard was founded in 2009. In 2017, the headquarters was moved from Moscow to Cyprus, while most of the developers are still located in Moscow (Russia).
  • AdGuard had a cleaner Interface compared to Pi-Hole.
  • AdGuard uses fewer resources (RAM) than Pi-Hole.
  • AdGuard container is 50MB and Pi-Hole container is over 300MB.
  • Pi-Hole is global, it’s not Russian. Developers are located in the US, Canada, England, Germany and Australia.
  • Pi-Hole has a bigger community compared to AdGuard, so you can easily find help if you need it.
  • Pi-Hole blocklists and whitelists are constantly updated and maintained by the maintainers. Pi-Hole automatically updates your lists on a weekly basis (Sunday).

Personal opinion: I sincerely prefer the AdGuard logo over the Pi-Hole logo. Red has always seemed an aggressive color to me, while pastel green a warm color that inspires security, and the shield, even if it has been used by all antivirus developers etc., it always inspires protection, even over the years.

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