Synology Account: No Option to Change Profile Picture

Synology Account No Option to Change Profile Picture

When I logged into my Synology Account, I noticed that I have no option to edit my profile picture. Instead of being able to add your own profile photo, a standard image with a nice central S that most likely stands for “Synology” is displayed. So as I recently logged into my Synology Account, I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I was expecting to have a profile picture of myself signaling to me I was in the right place. But because at the top of the screen I was seeing the standard Synology profile picture instead my own profile picture, things felt unfamiliar to me. In that very first second I admit I was confused and wondered if that really was my Synology account.

Update March 31, 2022: New Look For Account Page

Synology account no profile picture

This unease, even if unfounded, arose from the fact that in the Synology Community it is possible to change the profile image. So you can replace the default profile image with your own profile picture. Which helps. A lot.

Synology community profile picture

It would be ideal if Synology added a function that would make it possible to be able to upload your own profile photo to your Synology Account. This would help create a more homely atmosphere and the familiarity would add to the sense of authenticity. I am one of those people who care a lot about the little details and, in this particular case, I feel that giving Synology users the option to add their profile picture of choice would create a more user-friendly setting that would add to the brand appeal.

I also sent a “feature suggestion” at the Synology official page about having the option to change the Synology Account Profile Picture. I strongly recommend my readers to also send a “Feature Suggestion” to Synology to speed up the process.

This post was updated on Thursday / May 26th, 2022 at 1:46 AM