DSM 7.0 Preview: What’s New

DSM 7.0 Preview What's New
Below you can see an official list from Synology, complete with all the latest news regarding Synology DSM 7.0 – If you have not yet registered to join the DSM 7.0 beta testing, I recommend you do it before January 14th 2020, at which date registrations will be closing.



    • Added the ability to eject a storage pool on an expansion unit to enable the safe removal of drives.
    • Added the ability to mount storage pools from drives that were inserted after the device has been powered on.
    • Added Auto Repair, the ability to specify drive bays that will automatically initiate a RAID repair when the drive in that bay has been replaced.
    • Added the ability to replace drives with an unused one for pre-emptive replacements or storage capacity upgrades without degrading the storage pool.
    • Added the option to automatically replace degraded drives with Hot Spares, before degradation of the storage pool occurs.
    • Added new machine learning based health monitoring system to proactively identify drives with performance or degradation issues.
    • Added new Fast Repair mechanism to reduce the time needed for RAID repair based on the amount of storage capacity used.
    • Added the ability to configure when the automatic protection mechanism for SSD Cache should trigger in multi-drive fault tolerance SSD Cache setups.
    • Added a preview for storage usage under Btrfs volumes.
    • Added support for Western Digital® Device Analytics™ (WDDA) health analytics service for compatible WD Purple, Red, and Red Pro drives.
    • Improved Storage Manager usability with a clearer display of volume and storage pool relationships.
    • Improved SSD Cache Advisor with a new real-time volume monitoring system to provide more accurate and efficient sizing suggestions.
    • SSD Cache creation and removal processes will no longer interrupt ongoing services.


    • SAN Manager will replace iSCSI Manager. SAN Manager is now a separate modularized service and can be updated through Package Center in the future.
    • New Synology Storage Console plugin available, providing direct storage monitoring capabilities on VMware vSphere or Windows Server interfaces.
    • New Fibre Channel Protocol support:
      Applied models
      • FS Series: FS3400, FS1018, FS2017
      • SA Series: SA3400
      • XS+/XS Series: RS1619xs+, RS3618xs, DS3018xs, RS18017xs+, RS4017xs+, RS3617RPxs, RS3617xs+, DS3617xs
      Recommended FC Adapter
      • Marvell: QLogic QLE2692-SR-CK

      A list of validated FC adapters will be available when DSM 7.0 has been officially released.

    • Added Direct I/O option, for usage environments requiring maximum data consistency.
    • Added the ability to set a Global iSCSI CHAP to authenticate all connections and discovery sessions.
    • Added the ability to move LUNs across volumes.
    • Added support for FUA and Sync Cache SCSI commands.
    • Improved I/O performance, space reclamation speed, and overall connection stability.


  • Improved the display of recorded performance metrics with finer granularity of data points and the ability to focus on certain time points.
  • Improved monitoring transparency of system services by separating larger, unrelated processes.


  • Added the ability to toggle File Compression anytime for Shared Folders created with DSM 7.0.
  • Added cross-protocol locking between SMB and AFP.
  • Added support for server-side copy for SMB on macOS.
  • Added support for accessing encrypted share folders via NFS protocol.
  • Improved Btrfs performance and lowered I/O latency.
  • Improved file compression ratio, current ratio is shown under each shared folder.
  • SMB file service has been modularized and can be updated separately through Package Center.


  • Added the ability to delegate predefined admin roles.
  • Added the ability to require imported users to change their passwords after initial DSM login.


  • Improved LDAP client authentication performance by reducing the number of queries sent.


  • Added support for Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates when using Synology DDNS service.
  • Added the ability to block USB and console ports.
  • Improved QuickConnect connection process to strengthen security.
  • Modern Compatibility option for TLS/SSL profile level now only supports TLS 1.3.


  • Added the ability to back up DSM system configuration to a connected Synology Account.
  • Added severity levels to notifications for better categorization of events.
  • Improved user interface responsiveness.
  • Improved responsiveness of launching installed packages and services.
  • Improved login performance when connecting from external networks.
  • Improved Control Panel usability by reorganizing related functionality together
    • Added new Synology Account tab to consolidate future services provided through Synology Account.
    • Consolidated Domain/LDAP options, with a new unified wizard.
    • Consolidated QuickConnect settings into the External Access tab.
    • Consolidated User and Groups settings.
    • Consolidated Theme and Application Portal options into Login Portal tab.
    • Consolidated email notification options into Notification > Email tab.
    • Consolidated WS-Discovery into File Services > SMB.
    • SMB Server Signing option has been relocated to File Services > SMB > Advanced Settings.
    • Shared Folder Sync has been moved into the File Services tab.
    • DHCP Server has been modularized into a package.

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