5 Relaxing Synology Wallpapers For Summer

5 Relaxing Synology Wallpapers For Summer

Summer is probably the most anticipated season of the year. This is the period in which we concentrate most of our travels and enjoy some well-deserved holiday time to dedicate to relaxation and fun. The arrival of beautiful days characterized by heat, sun and the blue sky also influences our mood, making us more energetic and more alive. Below is a collection of 5 Relaxing Summer Wallpapers for your Synology NAS desktop.

How can I implement these wallpapers on my Synology NAS? Read my step by step guide below:
How to change the Wallpaper/Background on your DSM

First 1920 × 1200

1 DSM Summer

Second 1920 × 1200

2 DSM Summer

Third 1920 × 1200

3 DSM Summer

Fourth 1920 × 1200

4 DSM Summer

Fifth 1920 × 1200

5 DSM Summer

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