100% Google PageSpeed And Lighthouse

100% Google PageSpeed And Lighthouse

Here you can see the mariushosting station (At the end of page) is still missing a Cyberpower UPS that will be connected to the Synology DS718+ to ensure an uptime approaching 100%. The Router was also upgraded to a more powerful version 1200AC with Synology 2 LAN link aggregation for speed up the write / read process on the MX500 SSD crucial. I’m aiming to have a very fast host directly from home. In the future I hope that all independent authors can host their blog without paying exorbitant amounts to hosting services. Let’s face it seriously, no hosting provider has ever given me stability and speed as my Synology DS718 + has. Are you curious to see the speed tests I’ve done? Here is a list:

Google Pagespeed

Google PageSpeed








Awesome, is not it? And here’s how I promised you an overview of my web station.

synology station

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