What’s a Good Operating Temperature For My Synology?

What's a Good Operating Temperature For My Synology

First of all you need to know that your Synology temperature may be affected by several more or less important factors that I will address below. Synology Nas system temperature status is indicated by green or orange lights. Green: The system temperature status is normal. Orange: Your Synology Nas temperature is too high. If the temperature remains high, it might shut down your Synology Nas due to overheating. See the images below.

Green – OK.

synology status led green

Orange: Not OK.

synology status led orange
Note: The system temperature status information is not displayed on certain fanless models.

One reason for the overheating could be a malfunction of the rear fan; another reason could be that the rear fan is too close to a wall, for example 10 cm or less. The biggest causes of heating are the surrounding environment and the HDD disks. Remember to also keep your Synology Nas away from direct sunlight or radiator heat.

Disk Drive manufacturers provide a surprisingly wide range of acceptable operating temperatures, and they can vary from product to product so you should check tech specs for the drives you are using. The ranges are:

Manufacturer Normal Internal Operating Range (HDD disks)

  • WD Blue 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • WD Red 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • WD Purple 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • WD Black 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • WD Green 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • WD Gold 0° – 65°C / 32° – 149°F
  • Seagate 5° – 50°C (60° on newer models) / 41° – 122° F (140° F)

Manufacturer Normal Internal Operating Range (SSD disks)

  • Crucial MX500 0°C to 70°C / 32° – 158°F
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO  0°C to 70°C / 32° – 158°F
  • IronWolf 110 SSD 0°C to 70°C / 32° – 158°F

To be clear, it’s not heat that damages the drives, as long as it stays within the operating range; it’s the expansion and contraction that results from fluctuating temperatures – the more sudden, the more damaging. Therefore you should aim to locate your Synology Nas where the temperature can be kept within the optimum range. If you’re running on the cool side, use a lower fan speed setting in Control Panel. It is a good practice to read the Synology Safety Instructions.

Synology Safety Instructions

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