Synology RT6600ax: SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

SRM 1.3.1 is the current operating system of the Synology RT6600ax, RT2600ac, and MR2200ac routers. Version 1.3.1-9316 RC (Release Candidate) was released today, June 24, 2022, and one of the major updates to the software is that it now supports compatibility of the mesh Wi-Fi system between the RT6600ax, RT2600ac and MR2200ac. I have already upgraded my environment because the RC version fixes multiple important security vulnerabilities such as Synology-SA-22:09 SRM. Considering there are multiple security fixes in this RC, it’s actually a good idea to update to the RC version before the final version becomes available which can take a bit more time.

SRM 1.3.1-9316 version is no longer available. New SRM 1.3.1-9346 available starting July 21, 2022.

Download RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Download RT2600ac SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Download MR2200ac SRM Version 1.3.1-9316


  • STEP 1

Log in to your Synology router then go to Control Panel / System / Manual SRM Update. Select and upload the file you have previously downloaded at the beginning of this article. Follow the instructions in the image below.

1 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

  • STEP 2

After you click OK at STEP 1 a new pop up window will appear with the following message: The system cannot be shut down during the update. Do you want to continue? Click Yes. Wait approximatively 2 minutes for the update to be completed. Follow the instructions in the image below.

2 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

  • STEP 3

If everything went well, you should see the new SRM Version 1.3.1-9316 correctly installed.

3 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Step by Step Guide to Deploy a Mesh Wi-Fi System

I also installed the new version on my MR2200ac Synology Mesh router. I had to reset it first, but after that, the Mesh router was immediately detected in my network.

4 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

The new SRM 1.3.1 will be installed automatically once a new Wi-Fi Point is added.

5 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Everything works like a charm.

6 Synology RT6600ax SRM Version 1.3.1-9316

Note: After conducting all necessary tests, I have come to the conclusion that everything works perfectly in this Release Candidate 1.3.1-9316. Wi-Fi 6, Mesh Wi-Fi Point, Threat Prevention, VLAN, Port Forwarding etc.
Note: Not only has the upgrade to SRM 1.3.1-9316 been made available for download, but so has the new version of Threat Prevention 1.3.1-0905 which finally fixes a security vulnerability regarding Suricata. Full Threat Prevention Changelog.
Note: New version of Safe Access 1.3.1-0326 is available. Full Safe Access Changelog.
Note: When you manually download an update for your Synology router from the Synology Archive, you will notice 3 different package names (cypress, ipq806x, dakota) which are for the 3 different routers. Cypress is the package for the RT6600ax, ipq806x is the package for the RT2600ac and dakota is the package for the MR2200ac.

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