Synology Reddit Community

Synology Reddit Community

Today I’m happy to announce a new first: mariushosting is now on Reddit! If you are a Synology NAS admin and have a Reddit account, then come join the Synology NAS reddit Community:

Reddit Click to Join Synology NAS Reddit Community

Our community on Reddit is centered around the needs and expectations of Synology users everywhere. You can expect to find relevant information, experienced recommendations and a helping hand for any questions or curiosities surrounding your experience as a Synology owner. Whether you are new to the world of Synology, having just got your first NAS, or are a more seasoned user with plenty of devices to keep you busy, whether you use your NAS for business or as your own, personal assistant to make your life easier and more organized and keep your data as safe as can be, this is the community to be in! As sysadmins and fans of Synology, let’s build a wonderful community where all feel welcomed and enjoy the expertise of fellow sysadmins.

See you on Reddit! 🚀

Also, if you haven’t yet, you can also join fellow Synology Expert users on Facebook and Discord.

This post was updated on Monday / February 26th, 2024 at 10:07 PM