Synology: Put Your NAS In a Safe

Synology Put Your NAS in a Safe

One of the worst things that can happen to a Synology NAS owner is their NAS being stolen by malicious people. There are several ways to protect yourself from such ill-intentioned people. One is the software that, through encryption, allows you to protect your data; the other is the backup method via cloud services or to another NAS in a different location; and the third method is the protection of the safe itself.

Synology NAS in a safe

The protection offered by a safe is a very good idea because it would take too long for a thief to get hold of the NAS, and the sturdy construction would make any thief desist. The heat dissipation is excellent thanks to several holes, and the iron is very massive. Honestly, I’ve never used protection like that because I’ve never needed it. Anyway it might be of interest to some of my visitors.

Note: A simple google search will lead you to find the product by typing “Theft protection for NAS“. There are different brands that build these safes for NAS devices.
Note: As you may very well know, I do not sponsor any products, nor does my website sell or earn anything or make any kind of profit off the sale of any product. My recommendations are genuine.
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