Synology: New MailPlus & MailPlus Server 2.3.0

Synology New MailPlus & MailPlus Server 2.3.0

If you, like me, love Synology MailPlus and MailPlus Server, then today I have a nice surprise for you. The beta version of MailPlus & Mailplus Server, version 2.3.0, has just been released and can be downloaded directly from the Synology Package Center. The new MailPlus & Mailplus Server 2.3.0 comes with new features and provides fixes to security and other existing issues. After testing I can say that I have not encountered any kind of problem at all. I find the product robust and efficient like never before.

MailPlus and MailPlus Server Announcement

Synology MailPlus 2.3.0 Changelog

Synology MailPlus Server 2.3.0 Changelog

Log into your DSM then go to Package Center / Beta Packages. Start downloading the new Synology MailPlus and Synology MailPlus Server.

Synology Package Center MailPlus & MailPlus Server 2.3.0

Note: I am currently using my personal email with my own domain name and doing so successfully. Contact me if you want to set up your Mail matching your domain name like without any errors. You just need to have a domain registered with GoDaddy and make sure your ISP (Internet Service Provider) isn’t blocking ports 25, 80 and 443. Why a domain name with GoDaddy? GoDaddy has an awesome and easy DNS management system and you can use your personal email with the associated domain name without the need for a STATIC IP from your ISP (so you can use a Dynamic IP).

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