Synology: Hyper Backup Disconnects USB HDD After Successful Backup

Synology Hyper Backup Disconnects USB HDD After Successful Backup

At the beginning of December I received an interesting email from Lubomir and Peter, two Synology enthusiasts from Slovakia. Lubomir and Peter came up with a solution to quite a common problem that affects many Synology users which is Hyper Backup disconnecting the USB HDD after a backup is performed successfully. So many Synology users are making backups to external HDDs connected via USB to their NAS devices so Hyper Backup disconnecting the USB HDD after a successful backup is indeed an issue. What do you do if Hyper Backup disconnects your USB HDD after a successful backup? I’ve made Lubomir and Peter’s solution available for download for all of your looking for a fix for this issue.

Download The Guide

All the credit goes to Lubomir and Peter which I wish to thank for their contribution to the Synology community as I’m sure it will help a lot of users dealing with this issue.

This post was updated on Friday / December 17th, 2021 at 12:03 AM