Synology: How to Install Diagnosis Tool

Synology How to Install Diagnosis Tool

Diagnosis Tool is a package of tools that Synology engineers use to test a Synology NAS device, and contains 79 practical tools that you might need. The Diagnosis Tool package cannot be installed via Package Center, but it can via task scheduler very easily. In this step by step guide I will show you how to install Diagnosis Tool on your Synology NAS using Task Scheduler.

  • STEP 1

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  • STEP 2

Go to Control Panel / Task Scheduler / Create / Scheduled Task / User-defined script. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 1

  • STEP 3

Once you click on User-defined script, a new window will open. Follow the instructions below:

  1. General: In the Task field type in Install Diagnosis Tool. Uncheck the “Enabled” option. Select root User.
  2. Schedule: Select Run on the following date then select “Do not repeat“.
  3. Task Settings: Check “Send run details by email“, add your email then copy paste the code below in the Run command area. After that, click OK.
synogear install

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 2 new 2023

  • STEP 4

After you click OK on STEP 3 a new warning pop up window will open. Click OK.

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 3

After you click OK, type in your DSM Password then click Submit. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Synology Task Scheduler Confirm Admin Password

  • STEP 5

After you click Submit on STEP 4, select your “Install Diagnosis Tool” Task then click the “Run” tab. You will be asked to run Install Diagnosis Tool – click OK. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 3-2

After you click Yes, the installation process will start. Diagnosis Tool is now successfully installed. The package will then be displayed in Package Center as Diagnosis Tool.

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 4

Diagnosis Tool has 79 different tools that can be used and launched via the task scheduler. ⚠️Warning: With the release of DSM 7.2 and Diagnosis Tool version 4.0.3 some tools have been removed and therefore are no longer 79.

List of Tools

  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/addr2name
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/arping
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ash
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/bash
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/cifsiostat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/clockdiff
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/dig
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/file
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/free
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/gcore
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/gdb
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/gdbserver
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/iftop
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/iostat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/iotop
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/iperf
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/iperf3
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/kill
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/killall
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ldd
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/lsof
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ltrace
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/mpstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/name2addr
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ncat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ndisc6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/nethogs
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/nfsiostat-sysstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/nmap
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/nping
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/nslookup
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pgrep
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pidof
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pidstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ping6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ping
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pkill
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pmap
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ps
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pstree
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/pwdx
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/rarpd
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/rdisc6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/rdisc
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/rltraceroute6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sa1
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sa2
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sadc
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sadf
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sar
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sh
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/slabtop
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sockstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/strace
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sysctl
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/sysstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tcpdump
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tcpdump_wrapper
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tcpspray6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tcptraceroute6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/telnet
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tload
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/top
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tracepath
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/traceroute6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/tracert6
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/uptime
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/vmstat
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/w
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/watch
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/zblacklist
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/zmap
  • /var/packages/DiagnosisTool/target/tool/ztee
  • STEP 6

Now you can create a new task scheduler for each one of the 79 tools and run it when you need to. For example, I chose from the list above.


Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 5

You will get the results for the speedtest tool via email.

Diagnosis Tool Synology NAS Set up 6

Note: Remember to run every new task as root.
Note: Uninstalling the Diagnosis Tool is child’s play. Go to Package Center, click on the installed packages, go to Diagnosis Tool and select Uninstall.
Note: If you are comfortable with SSH, then just login and execute:

>> sudo synogear install
password: [enter your NAS password]
download DiagnosisTool 4.0.0-4121 successfully
(synogear) >> iotop
ctrl-c to stop
(synogear) >>
cltr-d to return to user prompt
Actual prompt >> depends on user settings.
Next time the fastest way to use tools is to type "sudo synogear install" 
again, will update if update available and then give you "(synogear) >>" prompt.

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