Synology: Docker Cannot Completely Uninstall

Synology Docker Cannot Completely Uninstall

Today, while doing my routine tests on Synology packages, I realized that something was wrong when trying to uninstall the Docker package Version 18.09.0-0506. So I uninstalled the Docker package. If I had previously created an image using Docker by going to Advanced Settings and checking the “Create shortcut on desktop” option, the respective shortcut reoccurred every time I reinstalled the Docker package. Even if it had technically been completely uninstalled. Note: in my case, I had installed AdGuard using Docker and created a shortcut on desktop.

6 AdGuard Synology Docker

When you go to Package Center and uninstall the Docker package completely, the shortcut will actually never be erased from your DSM, even if it seems it has been. Here’s the proof: every time you reinstall the Docker Package, the shortcut will magically reappear. Follow the bug process in the video below:

If you click on Remove all data and configurations during the Docker Package uninstallation process, it turns out that not all configurations are deleted because the shortcuts will continue to reappear on your desktop every time the Docker is reinstalled from scratch. The uninstallation process leaves some dirt in the DSM in this case, so Synology needs to improve the uninstallation process of the Docker Package.

Solution: If you already deleted that container, you’ll need to recreate it to remove its desktop shortcut.

UPDATE 2.1.2020

This problem occurs if, before uninstalling the Docker Package, I did not manually delete the container inside the Docker.

This post was updated on Tuesday / September 22nd, 2020 at 12:01 PM