Synology: 2021 And Beyond Annual Event

Synology 2021 And Beyond Annual Event

Right now Synology is preparing for its annual event. Anyone will be able to attend the live event in real time and enjoy it from the comfort of their own home. The event will address Synology’s plans for 2021, the imminent release of DSM 7 beta and maybe, just maybe, a new Wi-Fi 6 router that we have all been anxiously waiting for for so long. Below is the official link to the event with a countdown, and the press release.

Link to the event

Taipei, Taiwan—November 30, 2020— The countdown has begun for our annual event, where Synology announces the latest development on our data management solutions and more. Last year, the conference gathered thousands of users worldwide to join in and learn about the latest solutions from Synology. Due to the current global situation, the event has transformed into an online session, where more people can simultaneously tune in.

2021 AND BEYOND focuses on our major innovations that will be introduced in 2021, featuring the largest ever update to Synology data management products, DSM 7.0. In addition to new features and management tools in DSM, our speakers will also introduce our take on a hybrid-cloud infrastructure and how data backup is evolving.

The session is scheduled to be released on December 7th, 2020. Interested viewers can sign up for a reminder on the event portal or follow our social media accounts to receive the latest information when they get released.

Note: Don’t forget about the event, sign up with your email for updates so you will be notified when the event starts.

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