Reolink: RLC-823A 16X UHD PoE IP Camera Review

Reolink RLC-823A 16X UHD PoE IP Camera Review

Reolink recently released what appears to be a true milestone in the field of video surveillance cameras. We are talking about the RLC-823A 16X zoom video surveillance camera, a Smart 4K UHD PoE IP Camera with PTZ and Auto Tracking. I have reviewed many Reolink video cameras over the years because I consider them the best and they are one hundred percent compatible with Synology Surveillance Station. This particular camera left me speechless, not only because of the undisputed image quality, but also because of the highly functional 16X zoom of an extremely professional quality.

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💡Reolink RLC-823A 16X Technical Specifications

The new RLC-823A 16X that you can see in the picture below will get to be part of my permanent video surveillance system, integrated with Surveillance Station. Up until now, I have been running tests with this camera and I have to declare myself beyond happy with its quality and ease of use.

1 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

The Biggest of the Bunch

The new Reolink-823A 16x at 8MP is the biggest Reolink Surveillance Camera. Not only the biggest, but also the heaviest of Reolink models. Default Video Resolution is 3840X2160 (8.0 Megapixels) at 25 fps.

2 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

Quality Materials & H.265 Video Format & microSD support

Every time I have picked up a Reolink Surveillance Camera, I have noted the sturdiness and quality of the materials with which it is built. You can practically feel that it is a quality video camera. The Video Format of the RLC-823A 16X is H.265. The metal case is IP66 rated, which means that the camera is protected from the ingress of dust and will survive strong jets of water. The RLC-823A 16X also has a slot for a microSD card.

3 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

Big Speakers and Microphone

The RLC-823A 16X is equipped with a powerful speaker that can trigger an audible alarm, and has a built-in microphone that allows you to talk remotely.

4 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

Inside the box

In each camera box you’ll find a LAN cable, an instructions booklet, insulation grommets, and some wall mount screws, plus the metal arm to fix the camera on a wall. You have the option to either connect your camera directly to a PoE switch or use the included power supply.

5 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

PoE Power

These are all the cables currently connecting multiple RLC-811A cameras and the RLC-823A 16X to my QNAP PoE switch. The LAN cables I used are CAT 6A. The cables are 10 and 15 meters long each and were more than enough for the setup. In the future I would like to do better and use cables of different colors for each camera.

6 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

Easy assembly

You can mount your new RLC-823A camera on a wooden surface or directly on the wall of your house. Either way, its installation is very easy and takes very little time.

7 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

High-Speed Motor

The rotational speed of the motor built into the RLC-823A 16X will blow your mind. When installed high above the ground, it will become your “eye in the sky” and cover every inch of your property.

8 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review 1

High-Speed Motor in Action

Below you can see how fast the motor integrated in the RLC-823A 16X camera is.

Follow Your Target

As suspicious people or vehicles make their appearance and engage in movement, the camera will automatically rotate its lens to follow their tracks. Coupled with 4K high resolution, the camera can clearly capture a moving object and more key details of it to provide a more complete event.

9 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review 2

Protection at Night

Nighttime darkness will no longer be an obstacle to a clear view thanks to the 7 Infrared LEDs which allow the camera ‘to see’ up to 80 meters. The built-in infrared LEDs illuminate what is hidden outside your door, be it cute little creatures of the night or uninvited visitors.

10 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review 3

Test Without Zoom (Before)

I tested the RLC-823A 16X without zoom activation. Be sure to check out the Before and After images.

11 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

Test With 16X Zoom (After)

As you can see, the quality of the optical 16X Zoom is exceptional and every single detail can be viewed.

12 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review


You can easily introduce patrol areas. The camera, thanks to its artificial intelligence, will be able to patrol all the areas you have previously chosen.

13 RLC-823A 16X Zoom Review

You can talk through your cameras remotely, choose the video quality, increase the volume, take photos, save short videos, even on your phone, with the possibility of real-time video sharing. Not to mention the fact that these cameras are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and very easy to integrate if you have a device like Google Nest.

🍀Note: How much does the Reolink RLC-823A 16X cost? The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $410 or 389 EUR.
🍀Note: Does the Reolink RLC-823A 16X support PoE? Yes. The RLC-823A 16X is a PoE camera.
🍀Key Points: Person/Vehicle/Pet Detection/4K/8MP/Smart.

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