Reolink: RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

If you have Reolink PoE Cameras that are integrated in your Synology ecosystem, you will need a good PoE switch to level up your environment. This being said, Reolink have come out with their official switch, code name Reolink RLA-PS1. The Reolink RLA-PS1 switch provides a reliable PoE solution featuring 8 PoE+ ports (10/100Mbps) and 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports (10/100/1000Mbps). Compliant with IEEE802.3af/at standard, it can deliver up to 30W for each PoE port and has a total power budget of 120W for 8 PoE devices at most. The device itself has a metal casing with a sturdy build, and is built to high standards.

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Reolink RLA-PS1 Switch Overview

The Reolink RLA-PS1 has landed at the mariushosting residence at the beginning of March 2024. Since then, I have tested this switch intensively in my environment without any issue and I can confirm it’s a key product for a good surveillance system environment. The price of the Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE switch is 70 EUR or about $70 with a 10% discount available right now on the official website.

1 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

The product itself is packed carefully inside, covered in Styrofoam from every angle to ensure its integrity during delivery.

2 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

In the package you can find the following in this order: the switch and, under the switch, you’ll find the AC Power Cord and the Power Adapter.

3 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Package Contents

In addition to the Switch itself, the AC Power Cord and the Power Adapter, in the package you will also find some screws and some spare rubber feet as well as a Limited Warranty Note.

4 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Plug & Play

The Reolink RLA-PS1 works perfectly with your PoE cameras and transfers both data and electric power, with only one Ethernet cable required. Easy to set up, even for beginners who are new to Synology and Surveillance Station. Designed to meet your diverse needs, it can be connected to the same LAN as your product to support more features of your cameras.

5 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Mounted On a Wall

The Reolink RLA-PS1 can be easily mounted on a flat wall surface using two wall screws that are already provided in the package.

6 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Well Ventilated

One of the things I noticed right away is how well ventilated the Reolink RLA-PS1 is. The ventilation is pictured below.

7 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Auto Detection of Adaptive Devices

The Reolink RLA-PS1 switch will automatically detect whether the device connected to its ports is a PoE device and whether it needs to be powered. To avoid damage, it will not supply power to non-PoE devices.

8 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

4KV Surge Protection

Applying professional lightning protection, this Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE switch will effectively prevent the power of lightning strikes from damaging connected devices and ensure their long-term service.

9 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

Smart Power Management

The Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE switch features the power management mechanism, so when the total allocated power exceeds the power budget (120W), the PoE ports will be powered off one by one starting from Port 8 until the total power is below the threshold that the PoE switch is capable of supplying.

10 Reolink RLA-PS1 PoE Switch Review

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