mariushosting Twitter Account Over 1.5K Followers

mariushosting Twitter Account Over 1.5K Followers

Did you know your Internet friend Marius is on Twitter too? After what has been a hard year, I have finally reached over 1.5K followers on Twitter. Thank you, guys! Not everyone is on Facebook, or Discord, and some of you may like Twitter better. If you’re more on Twitter than other social media, then know you can find @mariushosting there too. Twitter is an amazing thing, because people follow each other and they can make friends. You’ll find so much Synology, Docker and webhosting-related content on the mariushosting Twitter page, with posts and updates on all the info you would want to know if you own a Synology NAS or are planning on getting one soon. I post daily so you won’t miss a thing in terms of content! Use the link right below to join me on my Twitter account!



Also don’t forget to keep supporting me because, as opposed to most other websites, mariushosting doesn’t have ADS, COOKIES, POP-UPs, Amazon AFFILIATE LINKS, MEMBERSHIP TIERS or any TRACKING CODE on it. I fully respect your privacy unlike the competition. Every time you make a donation, it means I can spend time contributing with new step by step guides and other types of articles on the website that you can use to enjoy your Synology NAS more. Remember that this website with all the valuable information on it is hosted from home on my own Synology NAS and there are costs to keeping the website accessible 24/7/365 for you!

This post was updated on Saturday / October 8th, 2022 at 1:20 AM