mariushosting Receives Award For Content Safety

mariushosting Receives Award For Content Safety

As some of you may probably know, is the product of one mind. The daily articles, the choice of content, unique and easy-to-follow Docker step-by-step tutorials, guides, novelty pieces of news, the design, complete maintenance and, above all, the top-notch security, all contribute to the website’s trustworthiness and its popularity among users belonging to different levels of expertise. Aside from the priceless and continual user support, the efforts behind mariushosting have recently been recognized by which has deemed it Brilliantly Safe. mariushosting is 100% hosted on a Synology NAS.

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The safety report you can view above shows mariushosting enjoys high-level Key Safety Metrics, providing you, its visitors, with Superior personal data protection, notably the highest standards of user privacy, aside from a great user experience and high-quality content.

1 mariushosting award 2022 safety, privacy

The Trust and Credibility Analysis has yielded a score of 94 for mariushosting, and reports it’s 100% Clean and SSL-encrypted for personal data protection.

2 mariushosting award 2022 safety, privacy

The Privacy Analysis shows that mariushosting provides Safe Browsing, with Amazing Data Safety. You can check the score in the screenshot below.

3 mariushosting award 2022 safety, privacy

The reports from assess vital points of interest in online communities, presenting you with all the necessary steps to know just where you’re at in your online experience.

4 mariushosting award 2022 safety, privacy

Note: Don’t forget to keep supporting me because, as opposed to most other websites, mariushosting doesn’t have ADSCOOKIESPOP-UPsAmazon AFFILIATE LINKS or any TRACKING CODE on it. I fully respect your privacy unlike the competition. Every time you make a donation, it means I can spend time contributing with new step by step guides and other types of articles on the website that you can use to enjoy your Synology NAS more. Remember that this website with all the valuable information on it is hosted from home on my own Synology NAS and there are costs to keeping the website accessible 24/7/365 for you!

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