mariushosting Facebook Group Reaches 13.000 Members

mariushosting Facebook Group Reaches 12.000 Members

Today, July 22nd, 2021, we’re celebrating a new milestone for mariushosting! As of today there are over 13000 members in our Synology NAS Facebook group. I’m waiting for you too! Come and be part of the mariushosting Facebook group!

Thank you everyone, Moderators (Paul BarrettJason YeoSebastian KochendörferPaul SteunebrinkScott Zettervall, Hein Traag, Peter Kay) and all group users who have made this possible! And the rest of you who are not yet with us, come join the biggest Synology NAS Facebook group using the link below.



Also don’t forget to keep supporting mariushosting because, as opposed to most other websites, mariushosting doesn’t have ADS, COOKIES, POP-UPs, Amazon AFFILIATE LINKS or any TRACKING CODE on it. I fully respect your privacy. Every time you make a donation, it means I can spend time contributing with new step by step articles on the website that you can use to enjoy your Synology NAS. Remember that this website with all the valuable information is hosted from home on a Synology NAS which remains accessible 24/7 for you!

This post was updated on Friday / August 26th, 2022 at 9:45 AM